Climb the visual peak and never stop

Focus on imaging and measurement, offer premium optical measurement systems especially high-speed cameras applicated in scientific research,aerospace,engineering,automotive,etc.


To be the global leader in high-speed vision field

HF Agile Device Co., Ltd. is a technology company specializing in high-speed visual perception and measurement technology innovation.

Our optoelectronic measuring instruments and solutions, machine vision products and solutions, developed based on our own innovative core technologies...

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  • Automobile Manufacturing

    Comprehensive, systematic, and professional high-speed vision solutions for automotive manufacturing Vehicle Crash Experiment and Dummy Posture Analysis Revealer high-speed camera, Revea......

  • Semiconductor/3C Electronics

    Dedicated to improving semiconductor production equipment processes and enhancing the performance of 3C electronic products Semiconductor Equipment Fault Location Revealer high-s......

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Accelerating the iteration of new technologies and machining processes in the field of mechanical engineering Laser Cladding Technology Research Revealer high-speed camera helps to d......

  • Electrical Engineering

    Make various types of cutting-edge experimental research in the field of electrical appliances observable and measurable Study of Electrical Discharges Revealer ten-thousand frame-le......

  • Biomedical

    Covering a wide range of fields such as microfluidics, novel medical device prototyping, bionic organ research, etc. Microfluidics Revealer high-speed camera with small size, light w......

  • Material Mechanics

    Dedicated to providing visual analysis and measurement tools for the study of the mechanics of materials Visualization and Analysis of Material Fracture Transients In Tensile Machines ......

  • Fluid Mechanics

    In-depth turbulent multiphase flow, aerodynamics, micro-and nano-fluid dynamics, hydrodynamics, environmental fluid dynamics visualization researc Complex Turbulence and Engineering Applica......

  • Aircraft & Vessels

    Self-developed core technology of visual perception and measurement for aircraft and vessels Engine Ignition Transient Study Revealer high-speed camera observes the vibration and osc......



HF Agile Device Co., Ltd.was founded by the doctoral team of the University of Science and Technology of China, and has maintained close cooperation with Tsinghua University.