Semiconductor/3C Electronics

Dedicated to improving semiconductor production equipment processes and enhancing the performance of 3C electronic products

Semiconductor Equipment Fault Location

Revealer high-speed camera observes whether the process of chip grabbing, adsorption and panning of the mounter is not in accordance with the established procedures of movement or friction collision, restoring the program error occurs at the time of the problem point, so as to facilitate the equipment to make targeted improvements

Cell Phone Drop Test

Revealer image analysis system, Revealer-PMLAB 3D full-field strain and displacement measurement system observes the whole process of cell phone falling, measures and analyzes cell phone movement speed and displacement, and measures the stress parameter changes of transient components on the falling ground

Slide Detection

Revealer high-speed camera shoots the LCD screen, studies the screen refresh rate, and delays the accuracy up to ms level

Dispenser Process Study

Revealer high-speed camera to observe the state of spraying and drawing under different air pressure conditions