Mechanical Engineering

Accelerating the iteration of new technologies and machining processes in the field of mechanical engineering

Laser Cladding Technology Research

Revealer high-speed camera helps to develop and finalize the cladding equipment, study the dynamics of the molten pool, observe the crack formation, expansion and control methods, and observe the multiple defects of the cladding layer, such as porosity, cracks, deformation and surface unevenness3D Printing

Technology Performance Testing

Revealer-PMLAB 3D full-field strain and displacement measurement system micron-level testing, analysis of vibration and displacement during 3D printing procedures

Non-contact Diagnosis of Mechanical Equipment Faults

Revealer high-speed camera to observe the parts processing whether to produce misalignment, missing, skewed and high-speed rotating equipment broken material splash

Research On New Welding Technology Process

Revealer high-speed camera captures the whole process of welding short-circuit transition, drop transition, spray transition of the three main melt drop transition, and supports each frame image corresponding to the real-time current and voltage values of the welding machine synchronized display in the playback software