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Mini Series


M230: 1920 x 1080 @3000fps
M220: 1920 x 1080 @2000fps
M120: 1280 x 1024 @2000fps
  • Professional broadcast image quality
  • Data storage management
  • Ultimate structural dimensions


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Product features

Professional broadcast image quality

Dedicated ISP processing chip, with automatic white balance, color correction, gamma correction, defogging, sharpening, can automatically calculate the current color temperature value and adjust the white balance, adjusting the best color calibration parameters, with 1080P HD resolution, can achieve the maximum degree of color realism restoration in a warm and cold environment.

Data storage management

Mini series 64GB and above models are using self-developed SSD, using flash array parallel control, optimize the data interface timing to maximize the performance of the storage unit bandwidth. At the same time custom file system, support high-speed recording process accidental power failure, the file can also be retrieved.

Ultimate structural dimensions

Mini series is remodeled in the internal circuit board, heat dissipation, structure and other angles of limit, using multi-layer soft and hard combination board + blind buried hole making process to realize PCBA board integrated design. It adopts heat flow simulation design to optimize the fan structure, adopts very thin coaxial line to realize high-speed connection of each chip board, and simultaneously carries out four-layer stacking and compression, thus achieving a volume ratio of over 90%.

Product parameters

Product name High-speed Camera
Specifications 1920x1080 @3,000fps
Size 75×75×97mm
Use Biomedical/Machinery Manufacturing/Automotive Collision
Selling point Professional broadcast image quality/Continuous recording/Strong custom development capability

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