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X Series


X213: 1280×1024 @13600fps
X190: 1280×1024 @9300fps
X113: 1280×1024 @6800fps
X150: 2560×1920 @2000fps
  • Massive data throughput
  • Strong custom development capability
  • Professional broadcast image quality
  • Continuous recording


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Product features

Massive data throughput

Up to 13,600fps at 1.3M Pixel, Max. 1,000,000fps

Professional broadcast image quality

The highest-end dedicated ISP processing chip in the market, with modules for automatic white balance, colour correction, gamma correction, defogging, noise removal and sharpening, which automatically calculates the current colour temperature and adjusts the white balance and colour correction parameters.

Continuous recording

256G high-speed RAM storage supports up to 15s continuous recording of original data.

Strong custom development capability

Hardware support to extend the military aerial plug interface, compatible with other supporting equipment, including control signals, data interaction.

Product parameters

Product name High-speed Camera
Specifications 1280x1024 @13,600fps
Size 170×185 ×304mm
Use Scientific Research/Defense/Industrial Inspection
Selling point Massive data throughput/Professional broadcast image quality/Continuous recording/Strong custom development capability

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