Aircraft & Vessels

Self-developed core technology of visual perception and measurement for aircraft and vessels

Engine Ignition Transient Study

Revealer high-speed camera observes the vibration and oscillation amplitude of the engine in the ignition transient and the flame state to improve the stability of the engine ignition

Engine Efficiency Study

Revealer high-speed camera and image analysis system to observe the dynamic characteristics of the brush filament deformation and displacement under the action of high-pressure air

Specialty Materials Performance Testing

Revealer-PMLAB 3D Strain Measurement System Study

1.Vibration modal parameters and shapes of tail wing under wind loading

2.Strain field, displacement field, modal parameters and vibration patterns of blades under wind loading

3.Deformation, modal parameters and vibration shapes of aircraft flexible skin under different angles of attack, wind speed and temperature

Wind Tunnel Experiment

Revealer-PMLAB 3D full-field strain and displacement measurement system measures high-frequency vibration, strain, modal, and three-axis dynamic displacement fields of aircraft wings