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Scientific Camera


  • Low-light imaging
  • High-speed imaging and data transmission
  • Flexible application


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Product features

Low-light imaging

Using a new generation of BSI sensors, the back of the sensor directly into the light, to achieve 95% QE, readout noise as low as 1.1e-, to protect the imaging capabilities of the harsh low-light environment.

High-speed imaging and data transmission

The 11Bit readout mode provides high-speed imaging at up to 120fps, while the 10 Gigabit LAN port and USB3.0 interface enable real-time transmission of 4MPixel image data and support tracking of dynamic imaging objects

Flexible application

A variety of flexible pixel sizes and imaging areas are available, suitable for use with both 60x and 40x microscope objectives for biological living cell applications, as well as for capturing a wide field of view without field of view stitch- ing, suitable for scientific applications in fields such as astronomy and physics.

Product parameters

Model SC2020
Sensor Type BSI sCMOS
Data Range 12Bit/11Bit
Resolution 2048×2048
Frame Rate 120fps/11Bit,43fps/12Bit
Pixel Size 6.5μm
Shutter Type Rolling shutter
Binning Mode Support
Exposure Time 6.6μs
Auto Exposure Support
Data Interface USB3.0+10GbE

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